Extension plan

Two storey extension  -Little Bealings

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CGI Kitchen Visualisation


Planning Consent and Building Control Approval


We provide a full design package, obtain Planning Consent and Building Control Approval

Free site visit

We will carry out a site visit to discuss your requirements for the project,  

Measurement Survey

We will pop round to take accurate measurements of your house. At this visit we will also discuss your requirements with you for your extension

Your Brief

We’ll produce outline plans for your extension and arrange  a visit to discuss the plans in detail and finalize the design.

Full Detailed Plans

Plans will be prepared and sent to you for your approval  They will then be submitted with the appropriate information to the Local Authority for Planning Approval

Planning Permission

Once we have your approval we will apply for Planning Permission.

Planning Permission normally takes 8 weeks.

Building Control Approval

​On receipt of Planning Approval we will prepare the plans for Building Control Approval

Plans will include all existing and proposed Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections and Construction notes  required to achieve approval.

​We will provide Structural Engineer  calculations as required.


Need more glass? We recommend-

Area weighted U-value calculations.

Heat Loss calculations for over-glazed extensions.

Need a large amount of glazing for your extension - we can provide you with 'Area weighted U value calculations' to achieve your required glazed area. 

Need to compare quotes with like for like proposals? We recommend- 

Tender Documents. 

Tender documents are a must-have to achieve competitive prices for your project.

It is essential to have well thought out tender documents to be able to compare like with like proposals from your prospective builders.


An initial informal approach will be made to around six builders to gauge interest in your project.

We will probably end up with three or four companies who have shown interest and agreed to tender.

Tender documents will be sent to these companies which will include.

  • Building Control approved documents including the Plans, Construction Notes and the Structural Engineers Report and the Building Control letter of Approval containing any conditions

  • Planning Approval notification including any conditions

  • Invitation letter to Builders setting out the tendering process and timeline

and any other relevant documentation.

  • A timescale to price the work, organise for the work, and carry out the work.

  • Process by each builder for stage payments and valuation of works completed.


The whole point of the above documentation is to avoid assumptions and provide a basis for direct comparison between the builders’ tenders.

The documents we provide are detailed and consistent and avoid differing interpretation.

Extension plan