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Timber frame plans:

Conversion of 2D plans to 3D timber frame plans. We can work from your existing architectural plans you may already have or, alternatively, we can provide bespoke plans to your requirements.

Our Self Build timber frame design package includes:

Below DPC masonry wall and foundation layout.

Brick bond layout plan.

Soleplate layout

Ground Floor plan.

First floor plan

Wall panel layouts and cut lists.

Standard timber frame construction details for issue on site.

Timber frame in 3D for each floor and roof.

Cut roof details where necessary (eg dormer windows).


Our timber frame plans and 3d visual designs are available to view on any size paper prints or as PDF files and contain wall panel layouts and stud cut lists to make them easier for you or your construction team to understand. Contact us now for more information, or to arrange a free consultation.

Build-It Magazine

Consider alternative framing routes

Standard timer frame is a versatile and cost effective option in many cases, but it's not right for every project.

For sites that have very difficult access, for instance, a stick build could be more appropriate.

Here you need two things: first excellent fabrication drawings sowing each timber frame wall broken down into a series of fully dimensioned panels. this produces a cutting list, so studs and noggins can be pre-sized to make the process quicker.

The second is an excellent carpenter: someone who can read drawings properly; has a logical , practical and efficient approach; and who might relish the challenge of literally fabricating the house on site. It's a refined skill and wonderful to see in operation, but it won't be a quick build.

Check out Cullen Timber Design.

Stick build for Self Build

Timber frame house.

3D Visuals included

Wall panel 101 cut list

Timber frame Wall Panel

Wall panel 101 No 101 laout

Timber frame house.
Chimney Standard detail.

Timber frame house designed by us.

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